Thursday, April 3, 2014

TRUE STORY: NBC Rental Request — 1993 Toyota Tercel From US Auto Wholesalers™

Once Upon A Time...

...a television representative from NBC called us at — US Auto Wholesalers™, and asked if they could rent-out our 1993 Toyota Tercel for a couple of days for a television production — "...we would like to rent the 1993 Toyota Tercel for two days to use for minimal recreation driving local to your location for DATELINE: Crime with Tamron Hall..."

Jose Caba — Head of Sales, returned their call to negotiate a price of $299 per day and the NBC Rep's counter-offer was $500 for two days...basically $250 per day...whatever the case — done deal.

Although mocked by random 'walk-in' clients & potential car buyers, the undesirable "bucket" (alt. term for a used car) was even ridiculed by his fellow co-workers...but, But, BUT ---> the 1993 Toyota Tercel (Mileage: 217,929) — ironically enough, is our Automotive Acquisitions Specialist: Mr. Cooper's favorite bucket!

~The End~ —As Featured— in New York's Daily News & now NBC!

US Auto Wholesalers™ located 2427 Kennedy Blvd in North Bergen, NJ

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