Monday, June 16, 2014

10 Inches In 10 Weeks Guaranteed!

We have seen that advertisement before whether watching porn or looking through an adult magazine (are magazines still around?).  What male wouldn’t brag that they are hung like a horse?

It’s the opposite in Brooklyn.  They have the “Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant.”

Though, for what would seem like an obvious reason, there are only about a half dozen contestants.  The owner of Kings County Bar and her female friends thought that it would be a nice tribute to males who get mocked.  “We got to talking and we said these guys should have a pageant,” said Bobbie Chaset, manager of the Bushwick gin mill and producer of the pageant.

The pageant isn’t just based on size but also on personality and presentation.  I mean, I’d like for Miss America to have large breast and oh yea, she can answer a few political questions too.  The guy with biggest personality wins $200, a crown; a scepter and a date with two blonde sisters that could include a trip to neighborhood jiggle joint Pumps.

Much respect to the contestants who are willing to expose themselves.  You don’t see many guys complaining that the girl they been with had small tits.  Shit, we are happy just to get something.

“But I just can't convince myself, I couldn't live with no one else.  And I can only play that part.  And sit and nurse my broken heart.  So lonely, so lonely, so lonely, so lonely” - The Police

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