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Chuck Norris Explains What Really Killed Bruce Lee

Chuck Norris Explains What Really Killed Bruce Lee At The 1975 San Diego Comic-Con Convention

Chuck Norris gave a martial arts demonstration at the 1975 San Diego Comic-Con convention. Before the exhibition, he spoke briefly about his late-friend, Bruce Lee. He explained how Bruce Lee injured his back and what really caused his death, in 1973. It's a rare recording and very informational and interesting.

Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee — Martial-Arts / Kung-Fu Legends

At the 1975 San Diego Comic-Con Convention, Bruce Lee's friend Chuck Norris attributed it to a reaction between the medication he had been taking since 1968 for a ruptured disk in his back and the medication he was given for his headache on the night of his death.

An unfortunate and ultimately fatal mix of meds that led to Master Lee's untimely death.

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Bruce Lee -vs- Chuck Norris

Written and directed by Bruce Lee -himself, his "epic" 1973 Hong Kong action-film's "climactic" fight-to-the-death finish between two legendary icons: Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris at The Colosseum or Coliseum in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy is revered by legions of martial arts fans around the world.

Bruce Lee a.k.a. Lei Siu Long (Cantonese) fatality battles Chuck Norris; an on-screen villain known as "Colt" in perhaps — one of the greatest fight scenes ever captured on film.

Way of the Dragon (traditional Chinese: 猛龍過江; released as Return of the Dragon in the U.S.) is a 1973 Hong Kong martial arts-action film directed by Bruce Lee. It was the third major film of the martial arts legend. In addition to directing the film, Bruce Lee has the leading role and is also the scriptwriter.

Unlike his other movies, all which were mostly action-dramas, this one is more specifically an action comedy -starring- Bruce Lee as "Tang Lung" a.k.a. "China Dragon" | Nora Miao as "Chen Ching Hua" | Chuck Norris as "Colt" | Robert Wall as "Fred" | Hwang In-Shik as "Japanese Martial Artist" | Wei Ping-Ao as "Ho" along w/ several actors w/ recurring roles from his previous features.

[NOTE: This is the only film in which Chuck Norris plays a villain and the only film in which he is defeated.]

Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) is sent from Hong Kong to Rome to help his sick friends' niece — Miss Chen and some family friends; whose restaurant is being targeted by the local gangsters. They are being forced to sign an ill-advised contract which will make the Mafia boss gain sole-control of the property. 

After turning down their numerous offers to purchase the restaurant, the gangsters resort to intimidation and racketeering. Tang Lung defiantly fends-off the local thugs; which impresses Miss Chen and captures her interest — for up until then, she was apathetic towards Tang for his ignorance and innocence.

Miss Chen considered him a "countryman" with no street smarts after witnessing his hesitance of putting his savings into a bank and unknowing willingness to go home with a prostitute whilst touring Rome with her.

The Mafia boss, played by John Benn, sends a gunman but Tang Lung defeats him with his throwing wooden darts and fractures his neck. The Mafia boss then goes to the restaurant himself along with all his gangster thugs to make Miss Chen sign the contract. Tang Lung defeats them all with his fighting skills with help from a Bo Staff and two Nunchakus. He then warns that if the boss comes to threaten his friends once more, he will take drastic actions.

After a failed second attempt by the gunman at Miss Chen's apartment, who now sports a neck brace but manages to escape, Tang Lung and his friends goes to save Miss Chen after being kidnapped by the Mafia boss to sign the contract at his headquarters.

The Mafia boss then hires foreign martial artists who have trouble communicating with each other, played by Robert Wall and In Sik Whang, to challenge Tang Lung but he defeats them both with help from friends in a countryside near the Colosseum. 

The final duel takes place between Tang Lung and the best of the foreign martial artists, Colt (Chuck Norris), in the Colosseum itself. Tang Lung kills Colt, but covers his body with Colt's white gi to show his respect and admiration, and the Mafia boss is finally arrested whilst the other villains are killed.

Having solved the problem and fulfilled his promise, Tang Lung departs Rome — alone.

Boards Don’t Hit Back: The Legend of Bruce Lee

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