Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HTC One S Gets Fried w/ 10,000 Volts Of Electricity For Indestructible Design

HTC  To create the extremely durable, premium finish for HTC One S we use a process called micro-arc oxidation.

Originally designed for use on satellites and race cars, the process starts with aircraft aluminum. Ten thousand volts of electricity hit the metal, almost like lighting strikes, causing a microscopic transformation which creates a super-strong ceramic case that is five times stronger than aerospace aluminum.

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  1. This sounds a great deal like industrial anodizing... In any case, relatively few individuals (I know I was one) don't understand exactly how extreme milspec anodizing might be. At the point when developed a couple of mil thick, that anodized shell could be as hard as carbide, which is absolutely amazing when you consider it.



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