Monday, August 4, 2014

Wladimir Klitschko -vs- Shannon Briggs — Wild Restaurant Showdown

PLAY-by-PLAY: Apparently food is where you cross the line with world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitsckho. Shannon Briggs showed up at the famous Italian restaurant Mamma Mia's in Hollywood, Florida and started eating food off of Wlad's plate. Wlad asked if he'd like a drink with his food and poured water over Briggs' head. That's when all hell broke loose.
Briggs grabbed the glass and it broke, cutting Briggs on his hand. Shannon tried to get at Wlad and was retrained by three or more guys during the melee and dragged out of the building apparently through the same broken glass and he cut his foot also. Shannon is currently in the hospital getting stitches.

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