Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams — theMAN, theCOMEDIC, theACTING LEGEND

You see, it's rare that I write — well okay, please let me paraphrase; it's rare that I write now n' days. You see, it's that -as an aspiring writer, I believe in my abilities to write but not during the dreaded writer's block stage — therein takes something; anything interesting (now n' days) to spark an urge in me to write.

And because of him, write I shall.

After a long and grueling Monday at work, one of my childhood friends (the guy I'm actually providing guitar lessons to) had text me while I was on the subway home, 'Robin Williams committed suicide!!!' and when I got home; my roommate knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I heard about Robin Williams...unfortunately, I had.

I screamed, "F*CK!" "Yeah...remember when we just watched that Rob(in) Williams comedy (show)?' I replied.

Regardless of his death or more importantly, regardless of the action(s) or reason(s) behind them, I am proof positive that the overall body of work produced by a once in a generation performer — from Popeye (1980) -to- Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) Dead Poets Society (1989) -to- MrsDoubtfire (1993) -to- Good Will Hunting (1997) -to- Doctor Dolittle (1998) -to- What Dreams May Come (1998) -to- One Hour Photo (2002) and endless array of films, sitcoms, stand-up comedy routines -as well as epic 'special guest' interviews provided through-out the decades — will be what most of us will dearly & truly remember of him.

His immeasurable and uncanny acting, comic routines & improve jokes has induced countless hours of tears & laughter — which in turn, will have brought us more amazement, joy and wonderment than his last perilous act of pain -- ending his own suffering.

As a fan and student of Mr. Williams, I discovered someone who was far-beyond a master of comedy; whose out-of-this-world stand-up routine was an improve's dream come true...(if he was a rapper, he'd be the ultimate freestyle/battle rapper)...his wit was unmatched, his impersonations was unheralded.

Combining both mental & physical — Robin Williams tore through the comedy circuit on his way to TV stardom in the late-70s and early the time the 90s & the New Millennia came around, Robin Williams reinvented himself; a transformation from a hilarious comedian to a serious A-List Hollywood actor — a feat that few in Hollywood had ever successfully crossover from.

His roles in some of Motion Picture's best dramas became stuff of legend...his acting skills was exemplary.

Robin Williams was a comedic mastermind who took over the room each & every time he set foot in one — the spotlight and the audience's eyes were always on him. No matter what was behind his ill-fated death, it will never, ever take the fact that...

...Robin Williams was simply a genius.

† R.I.P. — Robin Williams (July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014) — R.I.P.†

Robin Williams first appearance on the Johnny Carson Show — YouTube


10 Questions for Robin Williams: The actor and comedian talks about playing a tiger in his first Broadway role, the war in Iraq and why being funny isn't always a good thing. — TIME

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