Monday, September 22, 2014

Fan Poses As Fake Ref — Stops College Football Game & Ignites Brawl UCLA -vs- Arizona

UCLA Arizona Fake Referee (streaker) runs out on to the field. After, a fight breaks out. Close up of start of fight and streaker at 4:06 Good times. 10/20/2011. HQ. Football. (with my kids running around upstairs and screaming in the background)

"Give me the ball!"

Fan Dressed as a Ref Stops UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats Football Game!

This video is super funny. The fan looks like a real ref. until you see his shorts. Whoever cooked up this idea was a genius, the kid who pulled it off had balls of steel!

"Time to bounce!"


University of Arizona v.s. UCLA Streaker Dressed as Referee 2011 ENTIRE VIDEO (ORIGINAL)

Devoted fan, Jace Lankow (@whoisjacen) presents himself in a speedo on the U of A football field against UCLA. This is the only video where you'll see the ENTIRE video. This is the original video, filmed from my camera in Zona Zoo. UCLA U of A fight broke out right after this.

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