Sunday, October 5, 2014

Carmelo Anthony — Lackadaisical Chucker -or- Lethal Scorer?

Carmelo Anthony is the NBA scoring leader and a perennial NBA All-Star, Lets break down his shooting form and see what his shooting numbers are all about

Carmelo Anthony — Lackadaisical Chucker -or- Lethal Scorer?

NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony is normally loved, hated or somewhere in between...weird predicament -yes, but here's why...currently viewed as the main man in Gotham City w/ the New York Knickerbockers, the 6' 8" 240 lbs forward with an arsenal of lethal-offensive moves (think: Bernard King) & a scoring skillset — equivalent to Liam Neeson's lethal-array of combative moves in the TAKEN film-series, whom willingly scores approx. 40 points (on the reg), on some nights and yet, seemingly slows down the team...deflating the inner-workings of a hardwood game plan geared towards the basic winning formula known as "teamwork" — on other nights.

Puzzling, huh?

One of the NBA's Most Lethal Scorers — depicted above

yet, Yet, YET...those who are quick to criticize the ill-effects of his offensive game — labeling Melo as a typical modern day, superstar-lazy player and overall, moderate-defender on regular (non-important) nights — need to take a step back to analyze his defensive statistics that may seem to prove otherwise.

"I ain't beastin' on the boards?!"
How's 'bout — 20 rebounds against the Clippers, 16 boards vs. Phoenix, 18 versus Indiana, 10, 15, 12 & 18 total rebs in 4-consecutive games, and a 17 reb game -vs- the Minnesota Timberwolves during the 2014 NBA season — doesn't those monster numbers mean something?

Perhaps those boards were grabbed against lesser competition or nabbed during non-competitive nights?

Insight, dissection and patience will be needed in deciphering the query...which has been a telling on-going and frustrating affair.

Ultimately, Melo needs to prove his critics wrong — once and for all, by finally carrying his squad deep into the playoffs or more importanly, leading his team ala LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki and his former teammate – Allen Iverson, to the elusive NBA Finals.

Only time will tell...

... (potential legacy at stake)...

...the end?

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