Monday, October 20, 2014

Jahlil Beats Lists His Top 10 Produced Singles

The other week we got producer Jahlil Beats to do some of our work for us, and list his Top 10 producers of all time. It was an interesting glimpse into the mind and the influences of the young producer, as he cited plenty of seasoned producers and let us know his favorite to ever do it was Swizz Beatz. 

Now that we know where his inspiration for being a producer comes from, we're following it up with Jahlil's list of his Top 10 singles that he himself produced. Of course, given that Jahlil's career got a kick start when he began working with Meek Mill, a relationship which has continued to this day, the list is pretty Meek-heavy. Can you guess what Jahlil puts as his #1 record though? Watch him count them down above.

Jahlil Beats

Jahlil Beats breaks down the ten favorite singles he's produced.

As a producer, Jahlil Beats has had the pleasure of working with everyone from Jeezy to Meek Mill to, most recently, Bobby Shmurda, and has made beats for a number of singles along the way. While he was in our office recently, the Philly-based beatmaker broke down his personal favorites from his arsenal of singles. Watch him count down the top ten above.
Cluing us into which songs exceeded his expectations, put him on, and featured performances from rappers that wowed him, Jahlil gives a humble and eye-opening look into his stacked catalog as a producer. 

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