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James + Love + Irving = NBA's Newest Big-Three

NBA's Newest Big-Three
by Kong |

The NBA's Newest Big Three — The King, Uncle Drew and his ol' pal Wes — further known as LeBron James #23 (St. Mary's High School), Kyrie Irving #2 (Duke) & Kevin Love #0 (UCLA), is the National Basketball Association's latest and -perhaps their greatest, inter-galactical All-Star (scratch that) Superstar alignment.

To judge or not to judge? Before the haters or anti-believers pass judgement as to how or why NBA's "new" Big Three will or won't succeed, do take heed — the following line-up change:

Intakes: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, James Jones,
Brendan Haywood,  Lou Amundson & AJ Price
Drafted: Andrew Wiggins & Joe Harris
Outtakes: Andrew Wiggins,Anthony Bennett, Luol Deng, Carrick Felix, Alonzo Gee,
Spencer Hawes, Scotty Hopson, Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev, CJ Miles & Tyler Zeller

On the flipside, one of the most successful coaches in European basketball history — David Blatt, takes his coaching talents to a Cleveland Cavaliers team that posted a disappointing record of 33-49 (10th place in the Eastern Conference) in the 2013-2014 season.

James — LeBron James
Their projected starting five consists of: 
PG - Kyrie Irving
SG - Dion Waiters
SF - LeBron James
PF - Kevin Love
  C - Anderson Varejao
Followed by their bench — Lou Amundson, Matthew Dellavedova, Joe Harris, Brendan Haywood, James Jones, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, AJ Price & Tristan Thompson.

All eyes -on the up-coming/highly-anticipated NBA season, will be focused on Cleveland. Similar to the non-stop media coverage and microscopic dissection of the Miami Heat during The Big Three Era, expect the Cavs' reincarnation of The Big 3 to endure the same — if not, more.

The once in a lifetime team that GM David Griffin assembled for LeBron James is perhaps the most talented group of players that the Prodigal Son has ever played in Cleveland (on paper at least).
Love — Kevin Love

Please note, the team comprised of young players like Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson, has also added veterans like Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and James Jones; vets w/ championship experience.

Please also note, King James and K-Love are both Top 10 players in the NBA, while Irving is on pace to reach their elite level in the coming years.

Offensively, this team should have it sewn sooner than later.

Defensively -on the other hand, there are several question marks.

Although Love is a rebounding machine w/ one hell of a lead pass, he is not known as a great defender or a defensive stopper.

What's clearly missing in Cleveland is a bonafide shot-blocker; a real rim-protector that can help alter the game in the decisive closing minutes. Although Anderson Varejao is a player who brings a lot of energy and rebounds w/ the best of them — but he (like Love) is simply not a defensive monster.

Chemistry — in the end, it is chemistry that is thee most important factor to any championship-caliber team. As we've seen firsthand w/ the Celtics, Lakers & Heat in recent years, a team's tight-knit camaraderie and unflinching trust in each teammates' abilities — is of utmost importance when it comes to winning-it-all.

Can Kyrie Irving duplicate and fulfill the championship playmaking abilities of Dwyane Wade? Can Kevin Love redefine or replicate the stretch-four position that made Chris Bosh an invaluable piece of the Heat's championship runs??

Although Love and Irving are both offensively-skilled players w/ high-basketball IQs, do they have enough firepower to help — basketball's best player (whom appeared four consecutive Finals), deliver the highly-coveted and all-too elusive NBA title to the pain-staind Cleveland Cavaliers?

It remains to be seen... be continued.

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