Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spandau Ballet — Soul Boys Of The Western World

Soul Boys of the Western World is a journey through the 1980s and beyond; the story of a band, an era and how one small gathering of outsiders in London shaped the entire world's view of music and fashion.

At the heart of it all was Spandau Ballet, five friends who epitomised the early 80s London scene and became one of the decade's most iconic bands with the world at their feet. The film is not only a fascinating, often hard hitting social and cultural document of the time, but a brutally honest story of how friendships can be won, lost and ultimately regained.

Spandau Ballet in 1985

Soul Boys Of The Western World

After a couple of decades of royalty squabbles of epic proportions, the members of cult-classic 80s band — Spandau Ballet have come back again and hit the reunion circuit.

Spandau Ballet
Brothers in arms — Martin and Gary Kemp in Spandau Ballet’s heyday.

 Director George Hencken's documentary about the band,  follows them from New Romantic roots at the Blitz club to the present day reunion tours around the globe.

Spandau Ballet
Take a bow — Spandau Ballet lap up the applause following the premiere of Soul Boys of the Western World at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

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