Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome To Dallas — Lob City 2.0

Welcome to Dallas, Lob City 2.0

Rejuvenated Chandler is driving Mavs' uber-efficient, high-flying offense

The "NBA Tonight" crew discuss Tyson Chandler's impact on the Mavs.

Step aside, Los Angeles Clippers. Lob City has found a new home.

Ever since Chris Paul landed in Los Angeles, the Clippers have been a lob machine, blowing away the competition in alley-oop dunk totals. In Paul's first season with high-fliers Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the team completed 107 alley-oops, 23 more than any other squad. The nickname was justified.

And it stuck with good reason. They led the league again in lobs during the lockout-shortened season in 2012-13. And last season, they set the unofficial record with 169 alley-oop dunks, according to data pulled from NBA StatsCube. The Rockets placed second with 110. No one was really close.

  But that's all changed. After a three-year reign, Lob City is no longer found in Hollywood, but instead in the heart of Texas. The Dallas Mavericks are dunking all over everybody en route to the NBA's most efficient offense in recent history.  Tom Haberstroh | ESPN Insider

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