Friday, February 13, 2015

Chris Miles — Next Great White Hope


The Break Presents: Chris Miles

Two years ago, you might have recognized a baby-faced Chris Miles impress rap fans worldwide with his viral audition video to America’s Got Talent. Since then, the New York MC has grown up a bit, releasing two mixtapes (I Am Me, Growing Pains) and preparing to drop his official EP debut Birth Of Cool next Monday on DatPiff. Backed by the gift of lyricism and a vintage, boom-bap sound to boot, don’t be surprised if Miles rises from child prodigy to hip-hop’s next big thing. “I use music as motivation,” the 15-year-old rhymer says. “The fact that nobody has done it at this age before. It’s kind of motivates me to go harder and do what I gotta do. I just want to have longevity.” Let the story begin. —Eric Diep
Name: Chris Miles
Age: 15
Hometown: Yaphank, NY
I grew up listening to: Mac Miller is definitely someone I’m inspired by. He’s dope. The way he came up [through] an independent label and shit. He doesn’t really care what other people think. He just came up by himself with his friends and he’s just dope.
When I first started rapping, I was listening to Em, and then I just digressed into Jay Z. Then, I started listening to Kanye. And then my variety got bigger. I just got inspired and now I got my own sound.
Most people don’t know: I’m actually pretty good at school. I get 90s in all my classes. I’m not just a scumbag, white trash kid. [Laughs.] I get good grades for the most part.
My style has been compared to: I get [the white rapper comparisons] all the time. I get the MGK, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Eminem. I can see where they are coming from, but I’m starting to make my whole style and the music I’m giving my own spin to it. So it’s getting dope.
In my latest song [“Time”], some people are saying I sound like Kendrick in some parts. I’ve been listening to Kendrick lately, so I can see where that comes from. I just get the Eminem [comparison] all the time. They just judge off the skin color. I guess my accents and cadences. All that shit.
My standout records and moments to date have been: I feel like most of the stuff hasn’t even come out yet, but my biggest standout record to me is “Perfect.” It’s produced by Michael Keenan. It’s a pop joint, but I am still talking about real shit, you just gotta listen to the lyrics. I’m trying to reach both masses.
“Time,” that’s a dope song. That’s basically talking about how life is changing and sometimes you get lost in all the music stuff, but you just gotta keep going with it. Just talking about being grateful for everything.
My last music video before “Time” is a song called “Do That.” I’m just rapping for four minutes straight. So I think that’s pretty dope. I just want people to check that out. That’s pretty tight. Basically, some show off shit.
My Goal In Hip-Hop Is: I just want to be able to do real shit, but still be able to get on the radio and have everybody be able to like my music. The fact that I can do both. I don’t have to be some underground rapper. I could talk about things underground rappers talk about, but just do it on a bigger level.
I’m going to be the next: Chris Miles.
To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@RealChrisMiles), FacebookInstagram, and YouTube
Standout: “Time”

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