Friday, February 6, 2015

StreetRunner & Vinny Venditto Talks Producing Eminem's Grammy-Nominated The Marshall Mathers LP 2

What Was It Like To Produce On Eminem’s Grammy-Nominated The Marshall Mathers LP 2? We Found Out

Streetrunner and Vinny Venditto talk about their work on 'Bad Guy. 

We all know the big names at the Grammys. The Eminems, Kanye Wests, Drakes and Kendrick Lamars. They’re the voices that we hear, responsible for the songs and albums that we love — but there’s something more going on behind those vocals.

The production, of course — and the producers who help create and orchestrate the sounds of those very same songs and albums that we love.

Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is up for Rap Album of the Year at the awards, which take place this Sunday. To open Em’s latest solo effort, we get “Bad Guy,” a follow up to his classic 2001 track “Stan;” similar to the original, it’s drenched in storytelling and lyricism. Unlike that, though, sonically, it’s broken into two parts, made to sound like two distinct songs.

The latter half is produced by Streetrunner and Vinny Venditto, who spoke with MTV News about working with how they got to work with Em, what their vision was for the track, and their Grammy nomination.

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