Monday, March 2, 2015

Bobby Shmurda Hot 97.1 Interview Suggests Police Corruption?

Bobby Shmurda Says an NYPD Cop Told Him 'I Don't Want My Kids Listening to Your Music'

This morning, Ebro over at Hot 97 called up Ackquille Pollard — a/k/a Bobby Shmurda — who was incarcerated in the wake of a drug trafficking sting in Times Square on December 17. Shmurda is currently awaiting trial, and the young rapper, along with several members of Brooklyn's GS9 crew, faces charges for weapons possession, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and a number of other offenses. Shmurda, who was being held at Rikers following the arraignment and placed under protective custody, has since been moved to the Manhattan Detention Complex, or the Tombs, along with fellow GS9 crew member Chad Marshall, a/k/a Rowdy Rebel.

Shmurda's been outspoken about the proceedings following his arrest: In multiple interviews with Billboard, he called them "bullshit" and clarified that, no, he wasn't stabbed in jail; he also told the New York Times that he thought his label, Epic Records, would come for him and support him in his time of need, "but they never came." He's been able to keep the press abreast of how things are going on the inside — or at least he was, as Shmurda was cut off in the middle of his latest interview with Hot 97.

"They listenin' to me, they watchin' me — they watchin' my every move, man," he told Ebro.

Shmurda's conversation with Ebro and the morning crew was cut short, but he was in high spirits and candid and down to answer the questions. He said that he and Rowdy were placed in court-ordered "PC," and that Rowdy has since been moved to "the Box" (solitary confinement) at the Tombs: "Me and him had a little altercation with somebody. You know how that goes."

Ebro then asked him about December 17, and whether or not the events really went down the way they've been presented in the coverage of his arrest and forthcoming trial. "What they're hearing about that night, that shit is not true," he says. "The cops have been out for me for forever, man. They've been trying to slay me for forever, but they never catch me or nothin'. It might [have been] four, five cops that night, they just grabbed me up. They told me, 'I don't want my kids listening to your music.' "

And that's when Shmurda got disconnected.

Rosenberg and Laura Stylez were clearly stunned, but Ebro was less surprised:

"I have firsthand accounts of people who were there when the whole thing went down with GS9 at the studio that said to me — and these aren't Bobby's friends, these are people that work at the studio, and it was more than one person that literally said [the police said,] 'I can't believe you guys are supporting this kid and helping him make music. People like him should be locked behind bars.' "


At the outset, Ebro was careful to mention that the conversation had been cleared prior to calling in, saying that they'd "made sure that this phone call wouldn't get Shmurda in any more trouble." Some Hot 97 listeners didn't see the conversation that way.

Listen to the Hot 97 interview and Ebro's thoughts in full below.

Bobby Shmurda checks in from Jail with Ebro in the Morning...

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