Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PAWS — Rescuing Mufasa

Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share. 

This Homeless Old Dog Was Alone All His Life. What Happens When He’s Rescued Will Melt Your Heart.
A homeless 8-year-old dog named Mufasa was found by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws living outside of a sewage treatment plant in Los Angeles. He had been alone all of his life, starved, and at risk of coming in contact with toxic chemicals generated by the facility, so he had to be rescued quickly.

The look of relief on Mufasa’s face when he realizes he will now have someone to depend on is priceless. He may be older, but this dog has the spirit of a puppy.

Younger dogs are usually the first to be adopted at animal shelters because they’re so tiny, clumsy, and overall adorable. All too often, senior dogs are overlooked and are the last to be given a second chance at life.

Let’s share this video so that more senior dogs may finally get the loving homes they deserve.

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