Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Hardcore Story Of Judge — There Will Be Quiet (Part 1 - 4)

In 1991, at the height of its popularity, the New York hardcore band Judge broke up, leaving a long and storied career of incredible music and hyper-violent gigs for the history books. In the decades that followed, Judge's meager output became hardcore punk 101 for much of the growing scene who built upon their metal-tinged riffs and attitude.

While the legend grew, lead singer Mike Ferraro virtually disappeared, only to reemerge in 2013 at Webster Hall to headline one of the most respected hardcore punk festivals in the country, Black N’ Blue Bowl. Noisey caught up with the revered frontman during, before, and after his triumphant return to the stage in this four-part series. — VICE

In the first of Noisey's four-part series There Will Be Quiet: The Story of Judge, Noisey talks with mythical NYHC vocalist Mike Ferraro, better known as Mike Judge. Ferraro recounts his early days and unforgiving upbringing, his road toward straight-edge, and how an introverted kid found his way to punk rock.

Special Thanks to: Eric X Edge, Joseph Cammarata, Michael Distelkamp, Eric Blomquist, Chad Timmerick, Chuck Miller, Bri Hurley, Jeff Ladd, Ken Salerno, Larry Ransom, Brian Maryansky, Mikey Garceua, Jim Brown, Larry Ransom, Brian Balchak, Jeff Terranova, and Jordan Cooper.

Formed as a reaction to the "nice guy" approach by his former hardcore band Youth of Today, Mike Ferraro created JUDGE to have a darker approach and follow the Oi street punk movement.

With lyrics that were profoundly less positive and reflected a more hardline stance, the band's legend and success grew only to be met with escalating violence at gigs and rumors of a so-called "militant" frontman with nefarious ties.


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