Thursday, June 18, 2015

What Is Fake Outrage?

In this day and age of camera phones, the videos uncover two main things: 1) Police Brutality 2) Fake Outrage — everyone knows what police brutality is (i.e. "infamous" Rodney King beating) but the term "fake outrage" is slowly but surely becoming a nationwide phenomenon.

What is "Fake Outrage?"

Fake outrage, usually generated as a way of trying to create a controversy for the purpose of political smearing. Often used as a weapon of both left and right-wing tards who may or may not use threats to achieve their goals. Usually involves but is not limited to emotional appeals involving issues such as gay rights issues, racism, religion, etc.

These individuals can be easily identified by refusing to engage in logical debate on said issues, because they either are incapable of doing so or they are purposely doing it to 'stir the pot.' Instead, they regurgitate talking points in an attempt to appear educated on a topic when they really aren't. — Urban Dictionary

In the video depicted above, you can see numerous officers descending into a group of belligerent, loud-mouth & screaming teens all blatantly resisting arrest. Regardless of the situation, if an officer of the law dictates a "command" — as citizens, you must "obey" or face the consequences. Right or wrong, you must obey or suffer the ramifications.

If you are being illegally arrested, then you will eventually have the right for an attorney and will have you chance to vindicate yourself in court. But if you protest or resist and disobey commands, 9-out-10 times — a raucous situation in the above video will occur.

Be smart, do not resist arrest — regardless of the situation or how you're being treated, it will only make matters worse.

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