Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Evolution Of Sports Video Games

E:60 - Evolution Of Sports Video Games

First there was "Pong." And from that simple idea grew a revolution. More than 40 years later, sports video games are a global phenomenon with millions of devotees. "E:60" takes you on a fantastic ride through the evolution of the genre.

R.B.I. Baseball (1986)
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 
by Tengen

DID YOU KNOW? Namco/Tengen's legendary baseball game was the first of its kind to be licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association; utilizing actual MLB player names — revolutionizing the sports gaming world.

Double Dribble (1987)
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 
by Konami

DID YOU KNOW? Konami's second-ever basketball game garnered extreme-popularity from its animation-sequences — the very first video game to showcase basketball players performing 'close-up' slam dunks — it also featured The Star-Spangled Banner; becoming the first game to feature the National Anthem.

Tecmo Bowl (1989)
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by Tecmo

DID YOU KNOW? Similar to R.B.I. Baseball, Tecmo Bowl was the first Nintendo game to feature "real" NFL players — the NES 8-bit home version also accomplished an "epic" feat by eclipsing its arcade counterpart in popularity. [NOTE: The usage of Bo Jackson became stuff of video gaming legend — as he was virtually unstoppable]

Madden NFL

DID YOU KNOW? The "Madden" phenomenon almost never took place — in fact, Hall Of Fame coach and color commentator John Madden originally passed on EA's initial concept of the game — but as fate would have it, both parties finally agreed w/ EA Sports succumbing to Madden's strict conditions/demands:

"If it's not 11-on-11, it's not real football. That was a deal breaker. If it was going to be me, and going to be pro football, it had to have 22 guys on the screen. If we couldn't have that, we couldn't have a game." -- JOHN MADDEN

Please click on the following link to discover 'in-depth' on how the franchise turn into a $3 billion monster!

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