Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paris Hilton Suing Egyptian Prankster Ramez Galal For Plane Crash Stunt

Paris Hilton Suing Egyptian Prankster Ramez Galal For Plane Crash Stunt

Cruel prank? PR stunt?
Regardless, this was just plain 'ol cruel.

Egyptian prankster — Ramez Galal, convinced billion dollar hotel heiress and quasi-famous — Paris Hilton, that their tour plane was about to horrifically crash. He even went as far as to have skydivers jump out of the plane while the staged prank was set in motion; even tempting Paris to jump out as well. Hilton initially thought she was taking a jet tour of the city but moments into the flight, things go horribly wrong as the pilots began performing death-defying acrobatic maneuvers — doing nosedives & going sideways.


Paris Hilton is suing Ramez Galal and his show, "Ramez In Control" for the horrific plane crash prank

This extreme prank was pulled on Galal’s MBC show, "Ramez In Control" and the audience can clearly see a far-beyond terrified Hilton going absolutely B O N K E R S during the aerial tour of Dubai from hell. After bracing for an emergency landing and eventually exiting the plane in an emotional state, the fast-talking comedic host tries to explain to Hilton that this was all a prank but as viewers can see — it was a rather tasteless & terrifying prank indeed. — KONG | theKONGBLOG

Paris Hilton I'm Suing the 'Plane Crash' Pranksters — TMZ

The Paris Hilton plane crash: a new low for TV pranks — The Guardian

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