Friday, August 21, 2015

Redneck Rampage by Amasing | Cognitive Drift

Redneck Rampage

Was a video game developed by Xatrix Entertainment poking fun of the stereotypes of hillbilly elements.  It was a 1997 first person shooter that mixed mayhem of both guns and booze.

Now, this maybe all fun and videogames but a real life Redneck Rampage will soon be happening in FloridaCommissioners in Daytona BeachFlorida, approved a measure Wednesday that will allow the opening of a 12-lane gun range connected to a booze-filled restaurant.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the commissioners were split about giving the restaurant a license to attach a gun range to the restaurant due to safety reasons.  Eventually, they were reportedly swayed by the business' strict rules against shooting after drinking with only one commissioner dissenting.  

Commissioner Ruth Trager wasn't won over by the new business' developers at the meeting who explained the precautions they'll take, and she cast the lone no vote. She drilled the business partners with questions about how they'll know if someone is sober or a felon.

I believe that the co-founder of the restaurant Ron Perkinson “donations” to the board helped sway their decisions.

Co-founder Ron Perkinson says the eatery wouldn't be profitable without libations.  "Safety is obviously key and number one for not only me, but everyone else there. Everything is going to be revolved around safety," he told WFTV.

Hey Ron, I got some great advice for you, if you truly believe that safety is the number one priority for you, just don’t have guns around!

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