Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wombats — Nature's One Of A Kind Wonderments

Baby Wombat Orphans!

You would never expect it, but these baby Wombats are some of the cutest animals alive!

We asked our associate editor Harry what he thought about wombats, and he said, "An ugly animal—like a bat but dumber." Then we showed him this video and he was paralyzed in an alternating laugh/awwww/laugh/awwww stupor for three whole minutes. Then we really fucked with his emotional bearings by telling him that this little munchkin, named Belle, is an orphan.

Sadly, her mother was run over by a car, but when animal control arrived they checked her pouch and found Belle alive and well inside. (Unlike most marsupials, wombat patches open from the bottom, near their rumps, so that when they dig they don't sprinkle dirt all over their babies. Clever, eh?)

After being rescued, Belle was taken to Healesville Sanctuary in Australia and currently lives there with her best mate, Phoenix, another orphaned wombat. When we visited, they simultaneously dove into a tunnel that was too small to fit both of them, so their little butts were wiggling around in our faces as they tried to push their way inside. It was hilarious!

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Robert & Bindi Irwin showcase their wildest animals at Australia Zoo.

Kato the nine year old Wombat has heaps of personality and she is one of Robert's favourite animals she was born at the Zoo and loves to got for walks on the leash around the Zoo with Robert. There are three type of Wombat the Common, Northern Hairy Nosed and Southern Hairy Nosed.

The Late — Great Steve Irwin (R.I.P.) posin' w/ a wombat

They have backwards facing pouches so their babies don't get dirty when they dig. They have to always be chewing as their teeth never stop growing and they have a solid bottom which they use to protect themselves from predators.

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