Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Odd Animal Buddies — Unlikely Animal Friendships

Odd Animal Buddies: Why Zoos Pair Big Cats With Dogs

You’ve certainly seen the videos on social media: ferocious wild cat and lovable domestic dog strike up a friendship in a zoo. But why do these odd couples happen?

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Anjana the Chimpanzee & Her White Tiger Cubs

When two white tiger cubs were born during a hurricane, they had to be separated from their mother after their sanctuary, which is also located at T.I.G.E.R.S, flooded.

The two cubs were placed into the care of infant caregiver China York, but Anjana quickly came into role of assistant and surrogate as she couldn't get enough of these two. 

Anjana, who was raised by China, helps her care for hundreds of animals at the sanctuary. "Monkey see, monkey do" has turned her into a terrific caregiver.

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Bubbles the Elephant & Bella the Black Lab

Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador are BFFs at the Myrtle Beach Safari Park.

As a baby, Bubbles was rescued in Africa and placed at the park after her parents were both killed by poachers.

Bubbles and Bella enjoy hanging out on the grass and in the water and playing a friendly game of fetch. Bubbles throws the ball with her trunk while Bella jumps off of Bubbles head to retrieve the ball. 

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