Sunday, January 10, 2016

BABE Of The WEEK 2016: Week 2 — Misty Copeland

theKONGBLOG™'s BABE Of The WEEK: Week 2 of 2016 — Misty Copeland


Misty is the first African-American woman ever promoted to the rank of principal dancer in the 75-year history of A.B.T. (American Ballet Theater) — revolutionary the ballet industry forever.

Her rags -to- dancing riches story is unequivocally extraordinary — considering the fact that she's not only succeeding in one of the most demanding 
physical performance arts there is but is also doing it after major stress fracture surgery and at an advanced age.

DID YOU KNOW? Only one percent of all ballerinas will ever be promoted to a rank principle and less than that 1% are a dancer of color. In other words, what she has achieved is damn nearly impossible in the world of ballet.

Photos by Henry Leutwyler

Photos by Henry Leutwyler

Photos by Henry Leutwyler

Where Are All the Black Swans? — NY Times

“I never thought I could make a career out of something I enjoyed doing–something I was passionate about, something that gave me a voice,” says Copeland, who is one of the first African Americans to be a soloist with American Ballet Theatre.


American Ballet Theatre dancer Misty Copeland on overcoming adversity in the classical ballet world.

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