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A Better Tomorrow (1986) -starring- Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-fat
Directed by John Woo


SYNOPSIS: John Woo established/solidified himself as one of Hong Kong's premiere action directors with this ultra-hip/ultra-violent action, gangster & shoot-em-up classic. The film centers around the complex relationship between two brothers: Sung Tse-kit (Leslie Cheung) is a recent graduate of the police academy while Tse-ho (Ti Lung) runs a massive counterfeiting ring along with his gangland associate, Mark Lee (Chow Yun-fat).

Tension between the two brothers comes to a head when their father is murdered after a crime deal goes sour and Tse-ho lands in jail after being double-crossed. In perhaps the most influential scene in Hong Kong cinema in the 1980s, Mark avenges his friend by staging a dinner table assassination. As Mark tries to shoot his way out of the restaurant, pulling a series of hidden pistols from potted plants and alcoves, he gets horribly injured.

Although Ti Lung (right) was the film's lead actor, co-star Chow Yun-fat's (left) break-out & powerful performance out-shined him, solidifying his status as one of the top grossing superstars in the Hong Kong film industry.

With both founding members of the counterfeiting syndicate incapacitated, the operation falls into the hands of Shing (Waise Lee Chi-hung), Tse-ho's former underling who is lesser of his boss and is inexperienced in the underworld. When Tse-ho gets out of jail, he reunites with his now-crippled "bum" — Mark. Together, they unite to take-out Shing and to protect Tse-kit whose life is in danger for investigating their former subordinate. 

What transpires is a cult-classic — One of the Most Respected Hong Kong Classic Gangster Fims in the History of Cinematography!

A BETTER TOMORROW (1986) Trailer

DID YOU KNOW? A Better Tomorrow has spawned several sequels — including an "official" Korean remake in 2010 by fame-Korean director Song Hae-sung -starring- Joo Jin-mo, Song Seung-heon, Kim Kang-woo and Jo Han-sun w/ John Woo, who directed the original 1986 version, acting as executive producer.

A Better Tomorrow (2010)

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