Friday, February 5, 2016

Ride Along: Danilo Gallinari's Life In Denver After Melo Trade

Ride Along: Danilo Gallinari on Life in Denver and the Melo Trade

Danilo Gallinari was once the neophyte toast of New York City. Now he's a seasoned vet coming back from a major injury in Denver. Through it all, he's been the most famous Italian basketball player in the world. In our newest episode of RIDE ALONG, we flipped the format with a bike ride to the Pepsi Center and discussed everything from getting traded for Carmelo to the crime lords that fill his Netflix queue.

2008 NBA Draft | New York Knicks | 1st Round | 6th Pick

Danilo Gallinari | #8 | SF | 6' 10" 225 lbs | Denver Nuggets


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