Wednesday, February 17, 2016

STEVIE WONDER - Rescued Blind Dog


A sweet blind dog rescued by Animal Planet's Pit Bulls & Parolees — follow the heartbreaking and uplifting video timeline of his rescue below:

Tia and Sugar Hill Rescue a Badly Beaten, Blind Dog

Tia and Sugar Hill head to the animal hospital to pick up a blind dog, badly injured in a very tragic fight.

Sweet Blind Dog Familiarizes Himself with New Surroundings

Sugar Hill steps up to take care of their new blind dog buddy through his post-fight recovery after he's been abandoned by his former owners. It's going to take time to adjust to his new surroundings but he's definitely in good hands.

A Rescued Blind Dog and an Old Friend Are Tearfully Reunited

Sheriff Deputy Trevor visits his old pit bull friend Stevie at Sugar Hill's home. He hasn't seen Stevie since the night he was attacked and is tearfully reunited with his buddy.

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