Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nate Robinson's NBA -to- NFL Crossover?

Nate Robinson, the three time Slam Dunk champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in NBA history is considering a run at the NFL. Friends (Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis), former coaches (Rich Neuheisel), and NFLers (Marcedes Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo) think Nate has what it takes. Do you?

Nate Robinson planning switch from NBA to NFL

Former NBA player Nate Robinson announces he intends to try out for NFL
The 31-year-old former NBA player Nate Robinson released a video through The Lead Sports his intention to try out for NFL teams.

NBA free agent Nate Robinson has plans to play football next season.

Robinson announced Thursday in a YouTube video through The Lead Sports that he wants to try out for NFL teams. Robinson was a two-sport athlete as a freshman at Washington in 2002, playing cornerback and point guard for the football and basketball teams.

In the video below, Robinson – a three-time dunk contest champion listed at 5'9" — recounts his accomplishments in both sports, with his former football coach Rick Neuheisel offering a testimonial to Robinson’s ability and NFL tight end Marcedes Lewis and NBA players Jamal Crawford and Glen “Big Baby” Davis also weighing in.

It’s unknown whether NFL teams will have interest, and Robinson faces a transition to the physicality of the sport, but his history and athletic ability are positive indicators for his potential leap to the league. — Sports Illustrated

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Nate Robinson trying to become first NBA player to play in NFLFox Sports

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