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The History Of Metroid — One Of The Greatest Video Game Series Ever

Once Upon A Time...

...I -along w/ almost each & every kid who grew-up in the 90s was a Nintendo video game fanatic! Honestly, I didn't know any one of my childhood friends who wasn't into playing Nintendo and collecting what seemed as an infinite production of games. 

Similar to how sneakerheads camp-out days and nights to get their hands on the latest pair of kicks, I remember gamers who use to fight & claw over some of the elite titles that the NES had to offer. 

Being a toddler, my collection of games was solely based on the financial resources of my Mom & Dad hated Nintendo! They hated the fact that I use to spend hours upon hours / days & weeks glued to my 13" inch television screen — instead of burying my head into books, completing homework in a timely fashion and help around the house w/ chores.

I remember being a video game addict — playing Super Mario Bros. for 5-7 hours straight...playing until my fingers-bled...playing until my thumbs became swollen...playing until my neck became stiff. My Mom would scold, "You are going to be blind when you grow-up!"

Undeterred from my Mom's prediction, I continued to play and play and play (even when I was sleeping) — my Mom caught me doing "Nintendo air controller" during my sleep!

Since I grew-up in a lower-to-middle class household, I wasn't able to get all the classic games that I fact, I didn't have many of the expensive ones a.k.a. top-tier games: Legend Of Zelda, Adventures Of Link, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Contra and Metroid (est. $50-$60 USD).

Unfortunately, my family would only allow me to purchase second-tier titles (second-rate Nintendo games) that were usually -ON SALE- and I did my best researching video game magazines i.e. Nintendo Power, in order to find hidden gems that turned-out to be ultimate classics (ex. Bionic Commando, Jackal, Karnov, Fester's Quest, Rygar and Megaman 2 (est. $30-$40 USD).

During my adolescent years, I also remember swapping games w/ your childhood buddies. As immature as it may seem today, I remember how difficult it was trying to trade video games back then! "Trade" meaning — letting your friend hold YOUR game while he let's you borrow HIS game for a certain allotted time (usually a week or so).

You both promised each other to take care of the video game like it was your own (no dropping it, no spilling juice over it, no messing-it-up for whatever reason)...lending your game for a week or two was like the ultimate sacrifice and you pray that your friend would keep his end-of-the-bargain.

Conversely, he's lending you a game -that you're fiending to play, and hopefully beat as well...and so, the feelings were typically mutual.

One of the games that my cloudy THC-damaged brain do remember was an incredibly adventurous game known as Metroid! It was one of the greatest games I have ever played and it redefined the word, "Expansive!"

Metroid (NES) and Super Metroid (SNES) were both revolutionary video games that put gamers into a solitary non-stop world of action and epic adventure.

It is -by far, one of the greatest video game concepts, revolutionary graphics and memorable series ever created — it was a video game that I didn't want to give back to the owner until after I could finally say, "I beat Metroid!"

~ The End ~

The History of Metroid - Part 1

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Games covered in Part 1:

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• Super Metroid

The History of Metroid - Part 2

We take a look at how 2D Metroid has improved, and Samus' transition into 3D.

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The History of Metroid - Part 3
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• Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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