Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 NCAA Championship: Villanova Wildcats Defeats North Carolina Tar Heels 77-74

Villanova vs. North Carolina: Final minutes of national title game

Villanova defeats North Carolina 77-74 in the 2016 National Championship on the back of a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from Kris Jenkins.

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National Championship: Villanova claims 2nd national title

Kris Jenkins hits the incredible buzzer beater as Villanova edges out North Carolina, 77-74. The Wildcats win the 2016 DI Men's National Championship, their second in school history.

Kris Jenkins For The Win!!
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Villanova vs. North Carolina: Kris Jenkins shot wins national title

Kris Jenkins sinks a game-winning three-point buzzer beater to lead Villanova over North Carolina in the 2016 National Championship game and give the Wildcats their second national title.

kris jenkins for the win!!!
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"...tied at 74 in the final seconds of the national title game against the East region's top seed North Carolina, the ball was in his hands, and a voice was screaming behind him. It was so loud, it had so much conviction and it was so familiar that Arcidiacono could single it out in the crowd of 74,340 at NRG Stadium. 
Arch! Arch! Arch! 
It was junior Kris Jenkins, the inbounder on a play the Wildcats call Nova—one they saved for a last-second situation, in a game they’d forever longed to be playing in, a game that may go down as the greatest NCAA final of all time.  
Nova’s first option was Arch himself...the last option was Jenkins, the trail man and the voice...“They always forget about the inbounder,” Arcidiacono said after the game. “And Arch,” Jenkins said, “always makes the right decision.” 
No one dreams of making the winning pass. But Arcidiacono engaged two defenders...and dribbled diagonally right across the top of the key. He then turned his back to the basket and pitched the ball to a wide-open Jenkins...the perfect triggerman in this situation, because there was no time to hesitate. Just 0.6 of a second was left as he released his righthanded jumper. 
’Nova ran Nova, Arcidiacono made his read and Jenkins let fly with half a second left and one thought in mind: “Ball game.” The buzzer went off. The ball went in. 77–74, Wildcats.
“What can they say about me now?” Jenkins bellowed to the crowd, then pointed to the inside of his right forearm and yelled, “Ice in my veins!” " Sports Illustrated

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