Friday, April 1, 2016

Best Pizzas/Pizzerias Known To Mankind

Brooklyn is Pizza Heaven: The Pizza Show

The inaugural episode of 'The Pizza Show' kicks off in Brooklyn. Our host Frank Pinello, a born and bred Brooklynite, remembers the importance of his neighborhood pizzeria growing up. We start at Roberta's in Bushwick, a pizzeria that has truly changed an entire neighborhood. Then we spend some time with Mark Iacono, owner of Lucali in Carroll Gardens, who built his restaurant by hand and is working tirelessly to preserve the tradition of his neighborhood through pizza. 

Dom De Marco, a world-renowned pizza maker & owner of Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J in Midwood, Brooklyn

And what would any pizza show be without visiting the king: Dom DeMarco of Di Fara in Midwood? Dom is a legend, and even when great pizzaiolos visit him, like Frank and Mark, they can end up questioning their own pies.

†  †  †

J & V Pizzeria via Brooklyn, NY

Ladies & Gents, I am a son of a Corporate Sous Chef — my father is a Chinese Immigrant who has succeeded in cooking the finest foods for rich, American corporate palates...and so, I believe I inherited the cooking genes from the best of both worlds!

With that being said, I have tasted and tried almost every kind of pizzas from almost each & every kind of pizzerias in the 5 boroughs — Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island and Tri-State area — NYC, NJ & CT.

Brooklyn's own: J & V Pizzeria

And so, without further adieu...drum-roll please...the best tasting plain ol' cheese slice that I have ever scrumptiously tasted is from J & V PIZZERIA located on 6322 18th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11204!

Sicilian "square" pizza from PIZZA SUPREME, NYC

And zee greatest square...(cough-cough)...excuse me/pardon moi...the greatest Sicilian I've ever tasted (aside from L & B Spumoni Gardens located on 2725 86th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11223) is actually from NY Pizza Suprema located on 413 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001.

Believe you me, I can go on & on like‎ Erykah Badu but don't forget, you are comparing yourself to a son of a corporate sioux chef who has been going to restaurants since he was a toddler (and been going to Zagat-rated/Michelin-starred restaurants w/ some of NYC's finest chicas since his early-adulthood years)...and so, one should not/would not bet against a man w/ one of the most impeccable taste-buds known to mankind!

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