Saturday, April 23, 2016

Eric Clapton's Heartfelt Purple Rain Tribute To Prince

Purple Rain (1984) - Theatrical Trailer

SYNOPSIS: A young man with a talent for music has begun a career with much promise. He meets an aspiring singer, Apollonia, and finds that talent alone isn't all that he needs. A complicated tale of his repeating his father's self destructive behavior, losing Apollonia to another singer (Morris Day), and his coming to grips with his own connection to other people ensues.

Purple Rain (1984)
Release Date: July 27th, 1984 (USA)
Director: Albert Magnoli
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"I'm so sad about the death of Prince, he was a true genius, and a huge inspiration for me, in a very real way....
In the the eighties, I was out on the road in a massive downward spiral with drink and drugs, I saw Purple Rain in a cinema in Canada, I had no idea who he was, it was like a bolt of lightning!...
In the middle of my depression, and the dreadful state of the music culture at that time it gave me hope, he was like a light in the darkness...
I went back to my hotel, and surrounded by empty beer cans, wrote Holy Mother....
I can't believe he's gone...."Eric Clapton

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