Friday, April 29, 2016

Miami Dolphins Select Laremy "Gas Mask" Tunsil — 13th Pick 2016 NFL Draft

Dear Creator Of Cannabis/God Of Ganja & NFL,

Although there are plenty of drugs more dangerous than marijuana a.k.a. sticky-icky a.k.a. wacky-tobacky, I am forever grateful that the powers that be at the National Football League deems a harmless Mary Jane an illegal banned substance.
Well, simply put — without the NFL's idiotic policy, the Miami Dolphins wouldn't have the slightest chance to land the coveted offensive tackle — L.T. the OT from the University Of Mississippi.
Because of the recent 'highly-publicized' cases of draft picks who turn-out to be draft busts (i.e. JaMarcus Russell, Dion Jordan, Johnny Manziel, etc.), many teams are hesitant and by-passing on their chances of selecting college athletes who may possess 'off-the-field' issues.
Passing-up the chance to draft perhaps the top offensive tackle in the college football is a team's rightful duty, but for a dysfunctional team like my lowly Dolphins (who actually drafted a bust in Dion Jordan w/ the No. 3 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft — ironically, he violated the league's drug policy in 2014 along w/ violating the NFL's performance-enhancing substance policy in 2015), it is their rightful duty to take a shot on Laremy Tunsil because this is a football team w/ absolutely nothing to lose!
High Risk = High Reward

All jokes aside, the Dolphins seem to have a franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill but the team's offensive line is so futile that this kid might just be the answer and pocket protector they so desperately need.
Hopefully, the Miami Dolphins made the right decision in drafting w/ the No. 13 pick of the 2016 NFL Draft — a once in a lifetime 6' 5" 310 lbs talent that is Laremy "Gas Mask" Tunsil — a highly-touted franchise player who may have the talented ability to change the game.
Yours Truly, 
KONG — a lowly Miami Dolphins fan and once-proud weed advocate
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