Wednesday, April 20, 2016


theNEWMANS: Julian Newman & Jaden Newman — Quite Possibly the Greatest Basketball Players of All-Timesss!


Julian Newman: The 5th Grader Who Starts For a High School Basketball Team
Despite being just 4' 5" and 70 pounds -- and being in fifth grade! -- Julian Newman is the starting point guard for Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida. Check out his amazing story! He'll be on Oprah and Conan this week showing off his considerable skills. Content and production by Bill Frakes and Laura Heald.


10-Year-Old Jaden Newman Wants to Be 1st Woman in NBA
Jaden Newman is a 10-year-old girl who averaged 30.5 points per game last season for her varsity high school team. Newman has played on the varsity girls team at Downey Christian School since third grade and will be entering sixth grade this fall.

The Dribblin' Siblins - Julian and Jaden Newman — Max Preps

Julian Newman is one of the most scouted young ballers in basketball history!

Age and Size Stand Out, but So Does TalentNew York Times

Jaden Newman is -by far, one of the most coveted & scouted female baller in basketball history!

Elite 80 Alum Jaden Newman beats Steph Curry in 3 point contest in awesome Foot Locker commercial!

Jaden & Julian Newman — the Greatest Basketball Prodigies of All-Time? be continued.

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