Monday, May 9, 2016

Hamilton Musical — The Greatest Show On Earth!

"Hamilton": A founding father takes to the stage

When Lin-Manuel Miranda sings about the drive of the "young, scrappy and hungry" immigrant, he's not singing about just any immigrant. He's singing about the man on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton. As Mo Rocca reports, Hamilton's musical journey to the stage is as revolutionary as the young revolutionary who helped create the America we know..

Hamilton is an "award-winning/critically-acclaimed" musical about the life & times of American Founding Father — Alexander Hamilton

Written & starring Lin-Manuel Miranda — the mastermind behind the musical's music, lyrics and book

Inspired by the biography — Alexander Hamilton (2004) by historian Ron Chernow, the Off-Broadway turned On-Broadway musical has captivated audiences nationwide; achieving both critical-acclaim and box office success!!

Hamilton Opening Night - Cast Perspective

Produced by Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., a small video crew followed around members of the #HamiltonBway cast on Opening Night of the show. Get a never before glimpse into the big day, then come see us yourself.

Hip-hop and history blend for Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’

He’s on the $10 bill and he died in a duel, but what else do you know about Alexander Hamilton? Now his life is the subject of a cutting-edge hip-hop Broadway musical, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Jeffrey Brown talks to the celebrated writer and performer about updating the history of one of the Founding Fathers to reflect and engage today’s America.

Off-Broadway 'Hamilton' Is A Smash Hit | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes talks to the creator of the off-Broadway smash hit "Hamilton" about the genius of Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton was nominated for an all-time record-setting 16 Tony Awards in 2015!

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