Sunday, May 22, 2016


"Suh Dude!" Origins

“Suh Dude” is comically short for “What’s up dude?” — a viral expression popularized by Vine comedian Nick Colletti and a dubstep producer Tanner Petulla a.k.a Getter in a series of video clips uploaded in 2015.

Suh dude is a very unique way of saying "what's up dude?".
It can also be pronounced "asuh dude". 

People often add a laughter before saying "suh dude" so it will be like, "ahahaha SUH DUDE" and the other person will slightly squint their eyes and reply "aha suh dude." — Urban Dictionary

Pronounced suh-dew. Shortened version of the statement "What is up dude?". — Urban Dictionary

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