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Once Upon A Time...

...I couldn't believe my chinky-eyes! There he was — Patrick Aloysius Ewing, Sr. — perhaps the greatest New York Knicks' basketball player of all-times!

When I saw my childhood idol: Patrick Ewing — the legendary NBA Hall Of Fame center at JADE TERRACE/CHINA CLUB in NYC, I almost wet my tighty-whities.

Like a crazed, giddy and hysterical fan, I slowly began stalking him around the venue w/ the world's biggest Kool-Aid smile.

As he approached the entrance to the main floor of CHINA CLUB, I can see him turning-down numerous autograph and picture requests from the surrounding club-goers.

But I wasn't surprised...

...I knew his story.

[NOTE: It is well-documented that Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks is not media-friendly and the same can be said for when it comes to his fans wanting an autograph or photograph via Boston Herald's "Inside Track" — "NBA great Patrick Ewing dancing up a storm at Whiskey Park and refusing to sign autographs or pose for cell-phone pictures"]

With those thoughts in mind, I finally saw a paparazzi-esque opportunity to snap a photo of My All-Time Favorite Basketball Player — The Beast From The East a.k.a. The Hoya Destroya a.k.a. The Warrior!!!

Patrick Ewing giving a pound to a fan at Jade Terrace – China Club

As you can see, he seems to have noticed my flash and looks-away w/ a mean ice-grill (not even acknowledging or making eye-contact w/ the person he is shaking hands; doing the 'soul-brother' handshake with)...

...a split-second after this historic photo, Ewing darts towards me whilst gesturing w/ his right-hand — vehemently motioning for me to 'STOP' — and shouted in what sounded like a 'SLO-MO' replay on a VCR, "NOOO!"


I was literally shook beyond belief — just imagine Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo waving his index-finger after blocking a player's shot attempt!

Déjà vu - Patrick Ewing leaving some random guy hanging; living up to his reputation 

Honestly, I thought #33 was about to grab for my camera and crush-it into itty-bitty lil' pieces w/ his bare hands — but I truly believe he saw how frightened I was and simply walked-away, "WHEW!"

Patrick Chewing seems discontent

Ironically — I saw both Patrick Ewing & Dikembe Mutumbo a few years later, on a Tuesday night at LOTUS. But I learned my lesson from my previous encounter/incident and took these photos from afar.

Patrick Ewing & Dikembe Mutumbo in a private VI.P. area at Lotus, NYC

I did -however, bump into Mount Mutumbo near the restroom/lounge area and asked him for a quick photo-opt but he kindly declined.

In hindsight, Dikembe Mutumbo — one of the NBA's Greatest Shot Blockers & Defensive Players, actually began explaining to me why he refuses to take photos but honestly, all I heard was, 'MUMBO-JUMBO' and loud music!

It's ironic how Dikembe & Patrick — two All-Star centers from the same college (Georgetown Hoyas); eventually played on the same professional NBA team (New York Knicks) and abide by the same code of ethics, "NO PHOTOGRAPHS — NOT IN MY HOUSE!!"

~The End~

As fate would have it, I randomly saw a lost and dumbfounded Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo near Saks & Fifth Ave in NYC

"I don't know who he is but I know he's somebody" — exact quotes (word-for-word) from a star-struck tourist after shaking Mutumbo's hand

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