Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Shame Machine: Cyber-Bullying, Internet Shaming & Online Sensationalism

The Outrage Machine | Retro Report | The New York Times

Shaming punishments have been around since Eve, but the advent of social media has created a new type of mob online.

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs within the electronic technology network — devices, equipments, gadgets and machines such as cell phones, computers, tablets and smartwatches that involves communication tools such as social media sites, text messages, chat rooms, video apps and websites.

Internet shaming a.k.a. Online shaming is a form of social control that occurs when a person violates the norms of a particular community, and the social masses respond by publicly criticizing, demeaning and/or ostracizing the victim on a social platform

Online sensationalism are media coverage of alleged scandals, controversial stories and over-hyped/over-inflated reports to increase consumer attention and increase tabloid sales — in the overall efforts to increase profits...


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