Monday, July 18, 2016

The Legend Of Leeroy Jenkins

The Legend Of Leeroy Jenkins

After watching an intense Minor League Baseball brawl: Jackals vs. Boulders via YouTube, a person posted a comment, "Let's do this..... LEEEEEEROY JEEEEENNNNNKINS!!" — which had garnered the attention of other commentators and basically had them cracking-up & dying of laughter.

Feeling totally left-out like a schoolmate "herb" who didn't understand a joke within an inner-circle, I transformed into Magnum P.I. and began an unrelenting Google Search — focusing entirely on this 'LEEROY JENKINS' character.

What I thought would take hours actually turned into one of thee most amusing, hilarious and whimsical discoveries of my pathetic online researching career!

"Leeroy Jenkins" was not the black kung-fu hero — "Bruce" Leroy Green from Berry Gordy's cult-classic film The Last Dragon (1985).

Nor was he even a colored person — after all that's said and done, he turned-out to be a mystical man known as Ben Schulz.

Look, to understand the true meaning and metaphysical prowess of, "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY JJJJJJJENKINSSSSSSSSsssss-ss!!!!!" is to understand inner-depths of a brazen, chicken-eating soul of a World Of Warcraft legend...

...a fearless and legendary warrior w/ a brain the size of a walnut:


Know Your Meme: Leeroy Jenkins

Know Your Meme scientist Patrick revisits "Leeeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkinnnnns!", a popular catchphrase first screamed by a World of Warcraft player of the same name, just before ignorantly charging headlong into battle and ruining his group's carefully laid out plans.

Leeroy Jenkins: Reimagined as a Short Film

Director Finn O'Hara re-made the classic viral video 'Leeroy Jenkins' into a short film.

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