Thursday, March 2, 2017

F.E.D.S. — Inside The Unofficial Newsletter Of Urban Crime Culture

F.E.D.S. Inside the unofficial newsletter of urban crime culture

F.E.D.S. Magazine doesn’t offer subscriptions. It has no website or social media presence. You can’t find it at Barnes & Noble. But if you’ve lived in many of America’s poor, urban areas or been entangled in its penal system, you’re more than likely familiar with the publication. Its reputation for raw, authentic coverage of the criminal fringe has made it a staple in US prisons.

F.E.D.S. — an acronym for Finally Every Dimension of the Streets — has been owned and operated by Antoine Clark for 18 years. Antoine runs the magazine’s business operations, but he also writes many of the stories. Recently he took VICE News behind the scenes as he worked on the forthcoming issue, including a shoot with rapper Fetty Wap. 

Crime may be the magazine’s main focus, but Antoine believes F.E.D.S. can actually help keep its audience out of the criminal justice system by encouraging reading and literacy. “Some people’s gonna take caution from it, some people’s gonna take glory from it,” Antoine said. — Oliver Noble | VICE News


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