Friday, April 7, 2017

The Curse Of The Zombie Lady Trio

The Curse Of The Zombie Lady Trio

So Sad: 3 Women Slumped On A Sidewalk After Using Heroin!

Detroit, MI — An "infamous" video footage captured by a "gum-chewing" zombie videographer w/ his "epic" play-by-play analysis was featured on a popular content-aggregating video blog site knowns as

Sadly, bizarre incidents like this seems to be occurring more frequently across our drug-infested nation. Our nation's war on drugs has done little to stop the manifestation of a synthetic drug-fueled invasion — soon to be known as The Zombie Apocalypse.

theKONGBLOG™ state, "...major side-effects of chemically-created synthetic drugs such as Black Mamba, K2 & Spice renders its users (tweakers) as comatosed yet upright slump-walking individuals within minutes..." 

Since these zombie drugs are not regulated by the FDA or lawmakers, these cheap, dangerous and cognitive/motor-impairing "legal" drugs are becoming a widespread epidemic.

'Though it might be funny to see these so-called "tweakers" in action, these viral videos are slowly but surely shedding some much needed light on the plight of synthetic-drug users and synthetic-marijuana smokers across nations here and abroad.

SEE IT: Disturbing video footage shows trio of 'zombie' women staggering on sidewalk after allegedly getting high on heroin NY Daily News

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hedgehogs — Nature's Natural Born Survivalists

Year of the Hedgehog - The Secrets of Nature

It’s springtime, the air is tepid, the skylarks chirp, and spring flowers cover the meadows and the forest grounds. Out of a pile of leaves a fluttery, sniffling snout tip appears: it’s a hedgehog awakening from its winter sleep heading into the light of a new year, having only two things in mind: food and finding a partner.

This documentary accompanies for a year one of the most popular yet still unknown animals of our landscape. 

The hedgehog is not only part of the oldest mammal species on our planet, newest findings disclose that it will stay among us for many years to come. Neither the massive destruction of natural habitats nor the horrendous road kill can seriously endanger its population.

Fun Facts: HedgehogsAfrican Wildlife Conservation

Buster the Helpless Hedgehog at only a few weeks old

Introduction to Hedgehogs — The International Hedgehog Association

Buster the Happy Hedgehog depicted during his teen years

How Ricky Williams’s Infamous Awful Contract Got Made

How Ricky Williams’s Infamous Contract Got Made

In 1999, college football superstar Ricky Williams — represented by rapper Master P’s No Limit Sports — signed one of the most infamous contracts in NFL history. Williams received a large signing bonus and a minimum salary, with the rest of the contract value tied to extremely aggressive, maybe unachievable, performance incentives. How did this contract come to be? Watch the video above to find out.

Ricky Williams’s Awful NFL Contract Never Gave Him A Chance — FiveThirtyEight

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