Friday, April 7, 2017

The Curse Of The Zombie Lady Trio

The Curse Of The Zombie Lady Trio

So Sad: 3 Women Slumped On A Sidewalk After Using Heroin!

Detroit, MI — An "infamous" video footage captured by a "gum-chewing" zombie videographer w/ his "epic" play-by-play analysis was featured on a popular content-aggregating video blog site knowns as

Sadly, bizarre incidents like this seems to be occurring more frequently across our drug-infested nation. Our nation's war on drugs has done little to stop the manifestation of a synthetic drug-fueled invasion — soon to be known as The Zombie Apocalypse.

theKONGBLOG™ state, "...major side-effects of chemically-created synthetic drugs such as Black Mamba, K2 & Spice renders its users (tweakers) as comatosed yet upright slump-walking individuals within minutes..." 

Since these zombie drugs are not regulated by the FDA or lawmakers, these cheap, dangerous and cognitive/motor-impairing "legal" drugs are becoming a widespread epidemic.

'Though it might be funny to see these so-called "tweakers" in action, these viral videos are slowly but surely shedding some much needed light on the plight of synthetic-drug users and synthetic-marijuana smokers across nations here and abroad.

SEE IT: Disturbing video footage shows trio of 'zombie' women staggering on sidewalk after allegedly getting high on heroin NY Daily News

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