Monday, July 6, 2015

David Grohl "High As A Kite" On Morphine & Oxycontin While Designing Foo Fighter's Throne

Dave Grohl designed his Iron Throne while in the hospital, high on oxycontin

Though Foo Fighters made their triumphant return, it was not without some ingenuity — and a bit of oxycontin. Just a month removed from breaking his leg, Dave Grohl needed a solution that would enable him to perform while also keeping his leg stationary. His solution? His very own Iron Throne, complete with flashing lights, an illuminated band logo, and one thousand guitar necks.

As Grohl told the audience at last night’s Washington, DC anniversary concert, he actually came up with its elaborate design while still in the hospital, high on oxycontin. He also shared the original sketching. “I was as high as a kite when I drew that,” Grohl laughed. Unfortunately, it seems like the whole “lasers and shit shooting from the top” component didn’t entirely work out. But still, badass.
Below, watch fan-shot video of Grohl discussing the creation of his throne prior to performing “Big Me”. See Grohl and his throne perform live and in-person during Foo Fighters’ ongoing summer tour. — Alex Young | Consequence Of Sound

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