Saturday, February 1, 2014



Once Upon A Time...

...I was scheduled to host "The Official" BMI Awards Afterparty w/ surprised guests — and to my surprise, I see Rihanna in the 'penalty box' — she was surrounded by countless bodyguards in M2's V.I.P. area. 

"Here's my chance!"

I darted-up the few steps that led onto the V.I.P. platform and proceeded to the right. Unfortunately, I -along w/ a couple others, get corralled and escorted to the side and eventually back down those steps and back onto the main floor of M2.

I didn't resist — didn't want to cause a scene.

As the initial commotion began dying down, I tried working my way back into V.I.P. but now, there were two bouncer/bodyguard asking for press credentials & V.I.P. passes.

I got by, no problem.

But 'problem' did arrive — in the form of a rapper named 'Drake'...he walks right over to RiRi and the two exchange hugs, kisses & salutations.

"Here's my opportunity!"

I began side-steppin' over in hopes of taking a coveted photo of Perhaps Two of Thee Most Talked About Celebs on the Planet but — was rudely intercepted by those bodyguards and now, that's a "F*ckin' Problem"

"Hi -my name is Kong, and I work here...I am one of the promoters (here)," but ended back down outside the 'penalty box' before I could even finish my sentence.

Dejected, I was about to give-up.

But I had a Karate Kid-moment w/ "You're The Best" by Joe Esposito playing in background:

I got my Canon camera ready and began snapping away — but two of Rihanna's bodyguards were shining flashlights at the camera, throwing off the paparazzi.

In the following photo, I tried to get a photo of Rihanna putting on her "infamous" pair of black A-Morir Barracuda studded-sunglasses but the Xenon flashlights prevailed.

[Note: Rihanna is notorious for travel w/ an excess amount of bodyguards — the personal security guard depicted on this blog is said to be, "The Bodyguard"]

Celebrity bodyguards are calculated & trained individuals — mostly from the security sect, who are paid for personal protection. Celebrities are known to pay six-to-seven figures to protect them & their entourage against the annoying paparazzi, fanatical fans, and the occasional — overzealous stalker.

Although I am no John Creasy, former-CIA operative/Force Recon Marine officer turned bodyguard in the cult-hit movie — Tony Scott's "Man On Fire" or do I even claim to have any combative skills or know any operative tactics; I did play organized ball as a youth.

Wittiness, please don't fail me now.

In a rush of pure adrenaline, I raised my right-hand along w/ the camera — striking the 'Statue of Liberty Pose' but quickly dipped right before the bodyguards pointed their flashlights, and swiftly made a 'behind-the-back' pass w/ the camera; from the right-hand side to the left-hand side...

...with my heart-beating 100mph, I went for paparazzi glory.


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