Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1. I love it when you're busting your A$$ all day at work (lose track of time) & when you finally look at the clock, it's almost time to leave! Woo-weee!!

2. I hate it when you have to pee so bad in the morning but you're too god-damn lazy to wake-up & go to the bathroom...and then your bladder & your 'you-know-what' starts to hurt so bad & your lazy A$$ is in some serious pain!! Urggghhhhh!!

3. I love it when you come home from a long-A$$ day at work and the shortie you're with has dinner already cooked for you!  "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

4. I hate when you run-out of boxers & briefs and you resort to rockin' you basketball shorts or swimming trunks as underwear! HAHAHAHA!! My true n*ggas know! Lolololol’s

5. I love it when fall asleep on the train & then you look-up and what do you know? It's literally your stop! Yippeeee!! That’s sweeeeeeeeet like sugar in my coffee!! Lol

6. I hate it when you fall asleep on the train & when you finally wake-up, you noticed you missed your f*ckin' stop! What the hell?! Somebody shoot me!

7. I love it when the girls you use to 'mess-with' -or- 'talk-to' are getting into their late-20's and are now starting to look old, flabby & wrinkly! HA-HA!! (Beauty fades sweetie pie ;o)

8. I hate it when you're on the train -sleeping & the stupid-mother-f*cker who's sitting next to you keeps on waking-you-up every time he or she leans-or-nod-off on you! I'M GOING TO KILL THIS MOTHER F*CKER!!!

9.  I love that feeling after you've spent 2 & 1/2 hours peeling a ginormous grapefruit & now, you're about to sink your teeth & tongue into a nice, suculent pink....lemme-stop! lol's

10. I hate it when you're with a girl and you want to fart so bad but can't for fear of embarrassment and so you holdin' it in for as long as you can "Ooooopsie Daisy!" Lol's

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