Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1. I love it when a baby is crying his/her brains out and then you pick-him/her-up & make all these funny faces and then they stop & start to smile again! :o)

2. I hate it when you're waiting for your train to come and there was like 3 other trains that passed by on the parallel track...WTF?! I HATE THE MTA?!

3. I love it when you're sweatin' yo balls off & then the subway cart you get into has the A/C on FULL-BLAST...ahhhhhh, my nipples are hard! Lol

4. I hate it when you're indoors & cough-up phlegm in public but have no way to spit-it-out and you're forced to swallow it...ewwwwww-ww!! Oh come on now ladies, you should be use to it! A-hahaha, I'm just playin' -(please don't report me!!) Lol

5. I love it when girls swallow...ok, you can report me now!! -(This f*ckin' a$$hole.. .what a nasty, pervert!!)

6. I hate it when you give a bum a dollar only to see him rock the latest Jordans as he's walking away -(mutha-f*ckin, c*ck-s*cker give me mah money back!!)

7. I love it when you're walking pass parked car windows and they make you look so f'in COCKED-DIESEL!! (Yea!!!!!!!! Oh yeaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Arnold ain't got sh*t on me!! Lol's)

8. I hate when I see n*ggas -(esp. in Flatbush) still rockin' North Faces w/ hoodies & Timbs when it's 80+ degrees out!!! WTF?! Is it me or what?!? (Seriously. What the f*ck is up wit dat yo?!?)

9. I love it when girls rock those tiny tank tops that show-off their flat tummy & belly-button ring -(Oh my Lord! Aye-chiwawaaaaaa!!)

10. I hate it when you're pulling money out of a generic ATM machine & they're charging you $2.00 fee or more!! -(Your mother's grandfather's mustache!$*?#!)

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