Friday, June 29, 2012


Michael Scondotto — bassist for CONFUSION, singer for INHUMAN & THE LAST STAND

Once Upon A Time...

it was another typical morning train ride; man-bag on my lap, shades on my face & headphones over my ears –on blast, as I nap my way to work.

Suddenly, I was awakened as I felt like someone tapped-me but it's probably the bumps n' nudges you get from ppl getting-up & sitting-down from the subway seats. As always, I periodically peep outside the subway window –as to not miss my stop. Then I awoken to hear some crazy, manic noise that's making its way through my "noise-cancelling" Bose® headphones...I turn my head behind to see one of those crazy Spanish moms trying to discipline 5 kids (all literally less than a year apart — can we say, "Child support scam?!").

As I look-up and analyze at the kids, they all seem pretty healthy & normal compared to the crackhead...oops...mother! She continues to bark orders at them, "Mira, mira...come sit to Jose! No buta, chu listen to me when I speak to chu! I said sit next to Raquel, now chu sit next to Alexandria...etc."

Again, I do a 180° head-turn to see that the kids perfectly fine the way they's the mom who's making them play musical chairs on a busy train ride during rush hour! I'm like, 'SMH' while the bald head dood in front of me is doing the same. He continues looking over my head to see the fiasco behind me; as I'm trying to find the right "hype" song on my iPod to finally "wake-up" to!

As I'm scrolling through my "impressive & vast" library of songs — being the nosy person I am, I peep-over to see what the bald-head dood is doing on his iPad and see that he's going through some sort of music program w/ a bunch of BLACK FLAG album covers. (NOTE: For those who don't know, BLACK FLAG (formed in California in 1976) is considered one of the first HARDCORE/PUNK bands which grew to "critical-acclaim" when the "infamous" Henry Rollins joined & fronted the band in 1981.)

The band's logo was created by artist Raymond Pettibon to symbolize their themes of rebellion and anarchy.
Its logo gained popularity amongst punk rockers and graffiti-heads in LA/NY.

As I began to observe the "so-called" bald-head dood, I noticed some of his arm tats, reverted to my secret CSI: NY undercover training, and began to put all-the-pieces-of-the-puzzle together.

Michael Scondotto (left) and the rest of his CONFUSION bandmates

Although I truly believe that God gave me a gift to in that, 'I never forget a face,' it's pretty difficult when the person who I'm referring to use to have long, blonde hair when he was the bassist for One of My Favorite Underground Deathcore Bands — CONFUSION from Brooklyn, NY.

This guy looks exactly like him but I wasn't completely sure...but if it is, then I was on the train w/ the "legendary" Mike Scondotto — a former-bassist for CONFUSION and lead singer of INHUMAN & THE LAST STAND; which is a reincarnation of my childhood boys' band called SHUTDOWN.

~The End~

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