Sunday, June 24, 2012


Once upon a time…it was a fine, sunny & warm Sunday afternoon…I was given a fine Cohiba –earlier in the week from my co-worker, and decided to light-that-baby-up! One of the few rules in the apartment is to do your best w/ smoke-control. You’re allowed to smoke -no question, but please do your best to minimize the spread of smoke; which thus minimizes the chance of lung cancer –courtesy of second-hand smoke.
As I went to the kitchen window, lifted-up-the-window so I can exhale the cigar smoke, here’s a view from my “bootleg/wanna-be” penthouse apartment…

Tour de Brooklyn is a fun-filled, family-friendly 18-mile bike tour, held every year the first Sunday after Memorial Day weekend, and is the grand finale to Bike Month.

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