Saturday, July 27, 2013

Somnus Neu — Most Technically Advanced Bed in the World

Somnus Neu — Most Advanced Bed in the World
One day we will look back and remember when we slept on something called a "bed".

Somnus-Neu was conceived & designed by Grier Govorko |

Somnus Neu Interactive Pod Bed by Yoo-Pod Ltd.
Price: $62,349

When it comes to futuristic technology, the closest we can come to time machines, laser guns and alien robot people is watching an episode of Doctor Who. Although we may be centuries away from inventing a time traveling police call box, New Zealand company, Yoo-Pod Ltd, has revolutionized the idea of “technology convergence” by unifying high design, comfort, connectivity, audio, video, lighting and user experience into one space and ultimately setting a new standard in furniture design and technological advancement.

Named Somnus-Neu after Som-nus, the Roman God of sleep, and Neu, the German word for new, Yoo-Pod Ltd created the Somnus-Neu with an idea greater than a bed for the tech-savvy, multimedia enthusiasts’ home. Imagine a network of fully interactive multimedia beds stationed in luxury hotels and airports across the world. Now imagine if those beds would automatically know your favorite music, your travel schedule and your television preferences.

Yoo-Pod Ltd didn’t just imagine it, they established it as their ultimate goal, and with all the features this bed has to offer it’s easy to see why. With 16 million possible color combinations and three distinct lighting zones built in, all of which are highly efficient and fully programmable LED lights, there’s virtually endless lightning possibilities for any mood or activity you’ll experience.

For music fans, Bose's state-of-the-art sound system experience integrated throughout the entire bed. The core of the audio system is it’s exceptionally energy efficient 180W Class D digital amplifier and sub audio compression driver that is connected to speakers fixed to five different points throughout the bed complete with iPod dock, creating the ultimate listening experience completely controlled by you with the two 17in retractable touch screen monitors that control the entire bed.

For movie fans, Somnus Neu provides an incredible theater experience within the confines of your bed — equipped with a High-Definition Video Projector and automated drop down video projection screen, the only thing left for you to do is enclose yourself with the automatic privacy curtains and enjoy the best seat in the house. But, by far, the most impressive feature of the Somnus-Neu is the “data chain” that links all Somnus-Neu beds together using RFID cards and access to a website which creates a custom profile where you can save your travel schedule, appointments, contacts, notes and media preferences. So each time you arrive at a Somnus-Neu bed the RFID reader determines who you are and downloads your data and profile, so you can listen to the music you like, set an alarm to wake you up and even receive up-to-date notifications to changes in your airline flights.

Every detail of the Somnus-Neu was meticulously considered, from the upholstery to the hand-crafted wooden headboard and the 100% recycled composites that create the shape and form. Yoo-Pod has revolutionized the bed from being just a place to fall asleep, to a true comfort zone, the ultimate paradise.

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