Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Is Hardcore: Evolution Through Photo — Donate to This Is Hardcore's Kickstarter Campaign

Since '06, the annual This Is Hardcore Fest has embodied the true DIY spirit of hardcore. We want to produce a photobook of our journey

This Is Hardcore is an annual event held in Philadelphia to celebrate the rich culture that has evolved through hardcore.

This fest is purely DIY from the ground up; booking, logistics, security, sound, photo/video documentation are handled directly by people in our scene. Even so, This Is Hardcore has grown significantly over the course of the last six years across a myriad of dimensions.

Divisiveness often plagues our community. For us, we see the fest as a way to connect people to music and, more importantly, with each other. This is critical to keeping the culture of hardcore alive and sustainable.

We have amassed thousands of photos from each of the previous six fests by renowned photographers like Robby Redcheeks and Todd Pollock--whose body of works have successfully captured the essence and spirit of not just This Is Hardcore, but hardcore in general.

Posterity and a sense of history and institutional memory are critical in any setting and we feel it would be prudent to share these moments with our community by way of a photobook.

2012 will usher in a significant change in the fest. This year we have decided to move to another home we feel is both welcoming and ideal--one that also respects the atmosphere the fest has cultivated over the last six years. We feel now is the moment to reflect on our time and growth at the Starlight Ballroom. Under the creative direction of Smyrski Creative/Megawords design studio in Philadelphia, this Photobook project will be a unique way to reflect on that transformation and collective energy.

We're very excited to put this Photobook in your hands before, or shortly after, we announce the lineup for this year's fest. We have many great things in store, so please support us!


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This Is Hardcore

Philadelphia, PA

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